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15 Year-Old Emma Savarese Inspires with Alcatraz Swim

Emma Savarese was born with a short femur, no anterior cruciate ligament, and a badly deformed left hip. Without corrective surgery, her left leg was likely to be 10 inches [...]

Fighting Preconceptions to Help Patients

Innovation and cutting-edge science are key to changing how we tackle the biggest medical challenges. Through our work in orthopedics and helping our patients every day, we here at the [...]

A Bone Lengthening Technique Adds Inches to a Teenager’s Leg | People Magazine

On October 16, 1986 People Magazine published an article titled “A Bone Lengthening Technique Adds Inches to a Teenager’s Leg—And Answers Her Prayers.” The article describes Maria’s limb-lengthening journey after [...]

Arthrogryposis: Acting Quickly Can Make a Difference

Responding quickly to adversity can be difficult, especially when it involves a loved one. At the same time, taking quick action – particularly for medical issues like Arthrogryposis – can [...]

The Baltimore Sun: No Summer Break

On August 24, 2002 the Baltimore Sun published an article titled “No Summer Break.” An excerpt from that article describes the “intense stretch from May to September” when “Dr. Dror [...]

Commitment and Dedication

A lot of factors go into helping a patient: the correct diagnosis, successful treatment plan, the tireless work of surgeons and support staff, and a proper recovery plan. But frequently [...]

The Importance of Quality of Life

In many instances, the work that hospitals and doctors do every day is about helping people recover. Whether it’s an illness or an injury, it’s about taking on a problem [...]

Diagnosis: Just the Start of a Patient’s Journey

For many of us, the thing we’re most focused on when we go to the doctor is the diagnosis. Is it good? Is it bad? What does it mean for [...]

Even One Inch Can Have Big Costs

Here at the Paley Institute, we know that a seemingly small figure – say, one inch – can lead to big issues for our patients. We’re used to dealing with [...]

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