Responding quickly to adversity can be difficult, especially when it involves a loved one. At the same time, taking quick action – particularly for medical issues like Arthrogryposis – can make a huge difference in the long-term prognosis for a patient.

Axel’s Story

For Axel, a former patient of Dr. David Feldman’s, the decisive action by his parents after he was born helped him quickly get in a treatment program that is making a difference in his life. Axel was born with severe bilateral clubfeet and a variety of deformities on his legs.

Eager to act, Axel’s parents quickly sought out a meeting with Dr. Feldman within days of their son being born. The young patient was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis, with dislocated hips and knees, as well as a severe case of bilateral clubfeet. Still, Dr. Feldman was optimistic and immediately went to work on a treatment plan that involve the Ponseti method. Manipulating Axel’s legs, Dr. Feldman then put them in casts. This process was repeated every week until Axel reached almost five-months-old.

These casts were eventually replaced by “Mitchell shoes,” orthopedic shoes that connect with a bar between them. Axel initially had to wear these shoes all day and night, while also completing physical therapy to strengthen his legs. Today, Axel has progressed significantly. He now only wears the shoes at night time. At 14 months old, Axel’s parent said he is able to pull himself up and is close to walking.

“Every week, the actions done by the doctor and his assistant and the willingness of Axel brought hope and good results,” Axel’s parents said.