Nearly three-dozen surgeons from 18 countries traveled to West Palm Beach to take part in a one-of-a-kind international tutorial conference. Dr. Dror Paley and the Paley Institute hosted the Congenital Deficiencies Tutorial. Doctors from around the world came to learn some of the most complex and effective limb-saving procedures in the world.

Congenital Deficiencies Tutorial

Surgeons from Sweden, the UK, Germany, Austria, Algeria, Korea, Pakistan, Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil were among those who were on location to learn and observe. Dr. Paley demonstrated a number of the transformative, limb-saving techniques he has championed. These included his SUPERhip, SUPERknee, and SUPERankle procedures, as well as his advancements in Rotationplasty and Ulnarization techniques. Dr. Paley is a world-renowned pioneer in orthopedic surgeries that positively affect patients’ lives. He hosted the international surgeons at the Paley Institute at St. Mary’s Medical Center where he shared his innovative techniques.

The conference provided a rare look at some of the most advanced surgical techniques in the world to deal with challenging limb-related maladies. The conference is hosted with the generous assistance of the Paley Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding awareness in the global orthopedic community on the innovative limb-saving procedures that Dr. Paley developed.

Art+Medicine VIP Lecture

On Thursday, January 12, Dr. Paley hosted a VIP Lecture on Art and Medicine. This event highlighted the intersection between art and medicine necessary to teach these complicated procedures to other physicians. Hosted at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County in Lake Worth, the event featured an art exhibit curated by local artist Pamela Ross. The art illustrates some of Dr. Paley’s most complicated limb-saving procedures. Attending the event, which also featured remarks from Dr. Paley, were be 35 orthopedic surgeons from 18 different countries taking part in the Tutorial.

The Paley Institute hosts he Congenital Deficiencies Live Surgery Tutorial every year during the second week in January. If you are an orthopedic surgeon, check back later this year for information on our 2018 course.