Innovation and cutting-edge science are key to changing how we tackle the biggest medical challenges. Through our work in orthopedics and helping our patients every day, we here at the Paley Institute have seen first-hand how important it is to use the latest techniques and solutions. In doing so, you can challenge preconceived notions about how to treat certain afflictions in ways that ultimately benefit a patient’s well-being.


That’s definitely the case with conditions such as tibial hemimelia, a rare condition that involves a congenitally short tibia and various issues with the fibula. For years, the most common response to such cases was to amputate the afflicted limb. But as our patients know, here at the Paley Institute we try to avoid that path, instead favoring innovative orthopedic solutions that help patients live normal lives.

Apollonia’s Story

That was the case with Apollonia and her family, from Ottawa, Canada. When Apollonia was born, her leg was effectively shaped like a hockey stick, and she was eventually diagnosed with tibial hemimelia. The prognosis she got from some local doctors was not good, with them recommending amputation of her leg. Thankfully, she was referred to us here at the Paley Institute, where we showed her and her family that a different path was available.

“Amputation would be absolutely ridiculous” – that’s what Dr. Dror Paley told Apollonia and her family when they first traveled to consult with him about her condition. That started a challenging but ultimately rewarding process of surgeries and other treatments to help Apollonia with her tibial hemimelia. Ultimately, her parents said, it has been rewarding.

“Dr. Paley doesn’t settle for ‘good enough’ – he wants all his patients including our Apollonia to have the best possible limb correction,” her mother said.