Here at the Paley Institute, we know that a seemingly small figure – say, one inch – can lead to big issues for our patients. We’re used to dealing with complex orthopedic problems and the various maladies and knock-on that come along with them. Frequently in the medical world, it’s not just the illness or condition that afflicts a patient that is the problem, it’s all the other related issues that come along with it that become deleterious and costly.

Brian’s Story

That’s ultimately the reason why Brian came to us here at the Paley Institute. Though the discrepancy in the length of his two legs was just over half an inch, that relatively small amount made a significant difference in his life and to his wallet. Because he leads an active lifestyle, his shorter leg was contributing to scoliosis in his spine, which in turn was slowing him down and tiring him out with physical problems.

One Inch at a Time

The normal approach to dealing with such small discrepancies is a shoe lift, though as Brian learned, that came with its own challenges. An orthotic of more than a quarter of an inch in thickness doesn’t leave enough room for the actual foot, forcing a patient to seek out specialized shoes prepared by a cobbler. Brian was spending more than $300 per a pair of shoes so they would fit, and then having to deal with some of the associated issues with a shoe lift: because the shoes are weighted differently, the body adapts and starts to overcompensate. This leads to other ancillary physical issues.

“With the shoe lift solution, I constantly had to adapt my lifestyle to maintain a level pelvic region and a straight spine,” Brian said, noting he could never walk on beach with his bare feet because of the side effects.

Ultimately, he came to us here at the Paley Institute to lengthen his one shorter leg and address the discrepancy. Utilizing Dr. Dror Paley’s PRECICE Nail limb-lengthening technology, the Paley Institute was able to help Brian deal with all the structural and lifestyle issues he had faced.

“I am relieved to have symmetry again in my body,” Brian said. “My spine is better off.  My life no longer revolves around the shoe lift.”