When a family or friend suffers a medical mishap or accident, there’s frequently an outpouring of help, condolences, and offers of assistance to help them through the initial wake of the malady. These generous offers are important to help people get through the trials life throws at us, and are important to remember when we’re on the other side of the coin. The right treatment, however, is not always clear.

Unfortunately, what is sometimes missing is an understanding of the long-term effects a major injury or accident can have on a person. The initial help is important, but so is maintaining connection and helping someone over the recovery process. As our patient Rosana demonstrated, the length of time it can take to recover from a major accident can span nearly a decade or longer.

Rosana’s Story

Rosana first came to us from Venezuela, where she had suffered a terrible car accident in 2001. After nearly losing her life, she was left with multiple fractures and a problematic left femur that was the target of multiple failed surgeries and eight years of painful agony because the fracture wouldn’t heal. It was so bad that her left leg was left five centimeters shorter than her right, and the femur was bent from all of the failed attempts to repair it.

Thankfully, she connected with Dr. Dror Paley, who ended up taking over her care in 2007. At the time, Rosana was unable to walk without constant pain and/or a limp. But after Dr. Paley authored a cogent, holistic orthopedic treatment plan, Rosana’s situation was significantly better. Within four months of Dr. Paley taking over her care she was able to walk without a limp; today, it would be hard to guess she ever had a debilitating orthopedic condition.

“I can do many things I once though were out of the question, like wear high heels and have unrestricted movement of my body,” Rosana said. She added, “I wake up every morning and I thank Dr. Paley for the joy I have, as now I am able to walk normally.”