Here at the Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute, we love talking about our work with children. Whether it’s our Starfish Kids Project or the many fun events we hold here on campus at the Paley Institute and St. Mary’s Medical Center each year, we love providing transformative help to children and infants who otherwise could face unnecessary orthopedic challenges for the rest of their lives.

Transformative help at any age

But it’s important to remember that orthopedic conditions affect patients of all ages, and that tackling these issues is important to maintain quality of life no matter your age. Here at the Paley Institute, our expert staff of surgeons and medical professionals has decades of experience helping a range of patients take on the most complex orthopedic conditions.

Nadine’s Story

An excellent example of this transformative help is Nadine. She was a patient who for years had been suffering from pain in her right groin. The pain had increased in frequency and severity after her second pregnancy. The thirty-nine year old had been diagnosed with bilateral acetabular dysplasia. Doctors referred her to our Dr. David Feldman for his opinion. After evaluation, Dr. Feldman determined that Nadine was a candidate for a periacetabular osteotomy, known in the field as a PAO.

The surgery required many different steps along Nadine’s journey to recovery. Starting with a laparoscopic repair of her torn labrum, she then underwent a PAO just a few weeks later. This posed a challenge for Nadine; as a nurse herself, she was not used to being a patient. Dr. Feldman and the staff helped ease her into the post-operative experience and helped her manage the pain from the procedure. By eight weeks, Nadine was off crutches, and by 12 weeks she was able to drive.

While Nadine said she struggled at times with building back her strength and flexibility, due to her age, the proper physical therapy recommended by Dr. Feldman helped alleviate those concerns.

“I am grateful to Dr. Feldman, Ella and all of the members of their team who have supported me through this process,” Nadine said. “I am looking forward to staying active and not needed to undergo a future hip replacement due to the success of this procedure.”