A lot of factors go into helping a patient: the correct diagnosis, successful treatment plan, the tireless work of surgeons and support staff, and a proper recovery plan. But frequently one of the most important aspects is the commitment and dedication of family who are there before, during and after treatment occurs.

Juan’s Story

Take the case of Juan, a patient of Dr. Paley’s whose story demonstrates the importance of commitment and dedication in finding a workable solution. Juan, from Mexico City, was born with tibial hemimelia. This is a congenital birth defect that caused his left leg to be slightly shorter than his right leg. Though his parents immediately sought help in addressing the situation, a terrible case of medical negligence left his ankle disfigured and his leg harmed to the point that it could no longer grow at the same rate as his right leg.

Convinced more could be done, Juan’s parents dedicated their lives to finding someone who could help rectify the situation. They searched globally for an answer, a quest that eventually led them to Dr. Dror Paley. Hopping on the first flight they could, they met with Dr. Paley and decided to put Juan in his care. The dedication had paid off!

The result was a success. After several surgeries, Juan was able to move towards having legs that were equal lengths, allowing him to live a more normal life.

“Dr. Paley gave me a brand new leg, a new opportunity in life, and for that I will forever be grateful,” Juan said.